Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Younha - Waiting [Eng. Sub]

can i wait for you my dear??
until the day come..
i know you'll know that i'm always will be waiting for you..
and if it doesn't come..
i will still wait for you..
no matter what happens..

Monday, December 27, 2010

[HD MV]Se7en (세븐) I'm Going Crazy [Eng Sub_Rom_Hangul] ft. Hanbyul

i used to love you with ease..
now i hate you with full of pain..
do you know why??
because you were never there for me..
because you were always busy 24 hours..
because you never care for me..
because you never hold me in your arms so dearly..
what you did was..
killing me..
torturing me..
can you please let me run free??
can you please tell me that you love me??
can you please at least show me that you care??
why are we like this??
why can't we be like we used to be??
our love life is killing us deeply..
and madly..
if i had the chance to be with you..
i will kill u with my own bare hands..

mak sya ckap..

td sya gado ngan bf sya..
sya maki dia..
sbb dia da fb len..
sya ngatkan dia wat fb bru..
tp dia ckap 2 fb lma dia..
wat pnt ja sya mrh dia..
slh info lak..
ni suma sbb ex dia yg jhat 2..
sbb dia r sya mrh bf sya..
ngah sya mrh..
tba2 mama sya ckap..
break ja ngn dia 2..
trz sya trgamam..
xsngka mama sya pon open minded ea??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dadali - Disaat Aku Mencintaimu

if i could turn back time..
i would go back to your arms..
i can't..
because it's you who hurt me the most..
i can't be with you anymore..
and even if i could turn back time..
i would say that..
"no,i don't want to be your girlfriend."

Saturday, December 18, 2010


this video reminds me of someone..
when i read its lyrics..
i felt something touched my heart from within..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

my besday~~

today is my besday..
i was so damn happy..
my happiness ends when suddenly my phone's reminder rang..
n it stated there..
"bufday beby gurl"
i became sad for a while..
cz he still remember about me after all..
i am sorry my dear~~
it was my fault for letting you go..
 i am truly sorry dear~~

Super Junior -Beauty (BONAMANA) MV [Eng sub]

i mizz u damn much!!
my heart beats faster when i listens to this damn song..
i mizz u..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i mizz u..

u know who u r..
u know that i misses u damn much..
but u still ignored me like u used to do..
now its up to me..
i do misses u..
but i have let u go..

Saturday, December 4, 2010


npa ngan ku ni??
npa ku ska pksa2 khai wat suma bnda yg ku nk  ni??
npa ku msh idup lam khidupan silam ku??
npa ku nk pksa2 khai ikut suma khndak ku??
tlg r anna..
pkir sal dia sma..
dia kja..
dia pnt..
nk lyn ank g..
dia na mampu nk wat suma bnda 2..
ank asyik nk mnx break ja dr dia..
na leh anna..
phm r dia sma..
dia cyg kn ank..
kalu x,xkn dia nk ikut suma ckap ank??
dia bz r 2..
jgn idup lam past ank g leh x??
tlg r sdaq..
yg dia adlh tuk ank..
n ank adlh tuk dia..
jga r t dia bek2..
jgn nk wat dia serabot..
cian kt dia..
mulai rini..
ank dgr suma ckap dia ..
jgn melwan sklipon..
ank cintakn dia kan??
ank dgr ckap dia..
nk mlawan pon pada2 k..