Sunday, June 5, 2011

2NE1 - Lonely [Eng Sub]

lonely, yes i am so lonely
even though you're by my side, but the emptiness is still within me, 
i wonder why?
you're always there with me, always there when i cried, always there when i laugh,
but, i am still lonely
and i don't even know why?
you are so kind and gentle, 
you were so in love with me, and i like that a lot
but i am sorry, 
i can't be the perfect person for you,
because i will always feel lonely whenever i'm with you
even though you treated my like a queen
i am so sorry,
i've tried to change myself to feel alive when i'm with you,
but, i can't
i am so sorry for leaving you, 
because i was so lonely.