Saturday, February 26, 2011

i need your forgiveness

what's the meaning of forgiveness actually?
certain people said that by forgiving others indicates that we're giving another opportunity to that individual..
however, some said that it's no need to forgive and yet to forget..
why would this such thing cross my mind?
because i have done something wrong that i am quite not sure about it..
that special someone told me that i have done something that made him gone mad..
but i don't know what and why it happened?
i don't really recall what have i said earlier..
what i meant was i love him and i will always love him even thought he treated my the other way round..
that's what lovers are for..
that's what lovers are meant to do right?
but,why can't he accept me the way i am?
why can he treated me like i am his special someone..
well,i am his special someone..
but why would he do this to me?
what have i done wrong?
dear my special someone..
i need your forgiveness..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Long Distance - Bruno Mars

i misses you okay?
can you hear me crying for you?
can you,dear?
i know you're listening,,
but why you're pretending like you're not?
do you know dear,
this is the hardest thing i ever do in my life?
trying to ignore how i feel for you?
all i have is the memories of you and me together,,
it is so hard okay?
to live without you by my side,,
it's so complicated okay?
what i want you to know is 
i miss you
even though it is hard for a long distance relationship to last,,
but, i know that our relationship will last till the end,,
please dear,just take my hand and fall in love with me
and run away with me
please don't ever let go of my hand,,
i really need you,,
and i'll promise you that my love will never fade away~~
i miss you!