Saturday, September 24, 2011

a thing called LOVE

After six months of loving, caring, sharing, all the tear drops that ever fall for you make me confidently chose you as my couple, not only for the next six or seven months but for the rest of my life.
You've taught me how to be strong and how to face up the real world which fucked me a lot.
You always LOVE me even though I've cheated on you before.
You cry for me when you misses me.
You hug me when I meet you.
You give me your shoulder when I need you to cry on.
You laugh when I make jokes.
You always there for me.
I cry for you.
I make jokes for you.
I smile because of you.
I am there because of you.
When I'm in pain, you'll there for me and when you're in pain, I'm there for you.
We are made for each other.
I LOVE YOU and I really want this relationship to last.
I hope that our plan is going to work and no one will take you away from me.
I am ready to be your wife and I'll wait for you until you come to take me away as your wife.
It's all because I LOVE YOU.

I don't know how to describe it actually

what the hell?
it's been long enough since I've been busy until I forgot to write and update this damn blog?
well, it has been ages!
the reason why I started writing this damn blog is because there's too much conflicts has happened in my life and I find it difficult to describe how am I feeling at this moment..
there's the day when someone betrayed me..
which it hurt me damn much because she's my sister!
all my life, I never ever told any bad things about her to people that I've knew of, which I knew that she wouldn't know them because she doesn't know much about my friends..
when i looked back at the times we had together, those moments were so precious to me and I didn't know that this would happened..
it's just because of those words you told your friends about me..
am I that despicable to you?
do I?
I really don't know how to describe about it actually
but what I want to say is, please fuck off from my life because I had enough of you..