Saturday, September 24, 2011

I don't know how to describe it actually

what the hell?
it's been long enough since I've been busy until I forgot to write and update this damn blog?
well, it has been ages!
the reason why I started writing this damn blog is because there's too much conflicts has happened in my life and I find it difficult to describe how am I feeling at this moment..
there's the day when someone betrayed me..
which it hurt me damn much because she's my sister!
all my life, I never ever told any bad things about her to people that I've knew of, which I knew that she wouldn't know them because she doesn't know much about my friends..
when i looked back at the times we had together, those moments were so precious to me and I didn't know that this would happened..
it's just because of those words you told your friends about me..
am I that despicable to you?
do I?
I really don't know how to describe about it actually
but what I want to say is, please fuck off from my life because I had enough of you..