Friday, May 27, 2011

its a cruel world~

today was my first time of blogging since I've left it for about three or four weeks perhaps?
because i was so busy solving other people's problem and i also have forgotten mine..
what is my problem?
well, i have a lot of it..
the problem with my industrial training place, with my friends, with my boyfriend and a fiancée to be..
this week was my first day at my industrial training place and it was kind of boring at first because i have nothing to do except online all the time, but in the mean time, they also need my small help with their grammar in their letter of course..
yeah, its a small matter for me..
but what is a big matter for me is about my friends..
some of them are so selfish until they have forgotten what friends are truly is..
is it so unimportant to them?
is their boyfriends' shoulders are the place for them to cry on?
no, its my shoulder!
it will always be my shoulder, my hugs for you guys and my love for you are much stronger than you boyfriend does!
do you guys ever notice that?
and hey you, you said that i compared you to someone else?
is it really true?
for me, its not!
its you who need to open up your damn mind and think ahead of everything..
not just keep on whining until you do not know what to do and you called another friend so that they will know all the bad things about me..
isn't it wonderful?
a friend like me who always be there when you cry, who always give her everything she had just for you, will just fade away just like the wind passing by..
yes, i know that i'm to strict with you guys, but it is how i want you guys to learn to be more respectful and to be more alert about what happens around you..
i don't need a big present from you guys, i just want to be appreciated thats all i'm asking for, is it hard enough for you guys?
and talking about my boyfriend and fiancée to be, i am getting engage but i don't know when and soon after i'll get engage i'll break up with my boyfriend instead.. 
is it cruel to you?
well, its a cruel world~