Friday, September 3, 2010


i have no point to say..
i have nothing to say about..
i have nothing on my mind right now..
i don't know where is my hubbie..
i don't know what will happen to our relationship..
i will never know anything that will happen in the future..
how can i predict my future and plan it as i want it to be??
no one can do that..
only God can..
on this very night..
i pray for my forgiveness..
i pray for my safe journey to go back home..
i pray to the God that i will always on his path..
but what should i do??
i am a human being who always admit mistakes..
why can't anyone understands me??
whenever i needed help..
no one will be there for me..
except me and my God only..
whenever i'm in pain..
no one will be there beside me..
telling me that i must fight the pain..
not even my boyfriend and friends will help me in that situation..
even when i don't have money..
he will never help me because he so stingy when it comes about money..
why should he be like that??
i am his girlfriend right??
why can't he be there whenever i needed him??
what should i do??
i hate this kind of feeling..
i really hate it!!
i don't know i'm like this..
please God..
help me..