Friday, September 10, 2010

its all about me..

there's story about a girl..
who is not yet a woman..
who always fail and suffers a lot when it comes to love..
this girl face many kind of problems and devastated situations when she's in love..
she face so many things until she hurt her own self..
she's keep on falling and falling until she found her own way to live her life without love and men..
but it was useless..
she keep falling in love until she lost everything..
she lost her best friend,her friends and even she lost her confidence of facing this world on her own..
she love that guy so much until she forget about her own happiness..
many people tried to tell her that love is not worth it..
but what can she do??
love is great..
love is everything to her..
that is the reason why she kept calling and messaging her lover..
as that is how she show her love towards him..
but y can't he understands her??
y can't he realized that she has sacrificed everything for him..
she has done so many things to make him happy..
but y can't he see it through??
is it her fault??
is it her to blame when it comes to love??
she gave everything that she had to him..
all the care..
all the love..
all the attention..
that he needs from her..
she gave it all to him..
she love him all the way..
but what can she said??
love is pain to her..
but does she care about it??
no,she's not..
she will keep on falling in love..
until she died in the end..
but she's already dead right now..
u know y??
because her own lover has killed her with his bare hands..
he tore her heart apart..
he make her cries..
he make her fall apart..
and up to this point..
the girl asked herself..
is it worth it??